Yak Golf Course


Located at 13025 feet above sea level, the Yak Golf Course has been listed as the World’s highest Golf Course by the Guinness Book of World Records. Initiated in 1972, the Yak Golf Course received its first makeover in 1979 by Brigadier J M Singh. However, it was completed as a complete 18-hole Golf Course under Brigadier Ranbir Singh and Col. T K Murali. Affiliated to the Indian Golf Union (IGU) since 1985, the Yak Golf Course measuring 6025 yards in length features fairways across natural mountain streams and ponds as hazards.

The Golf Course arranges for Yaks for its senior members to move around. The members are also allowed to use ‘preferred lie’ to prevent their clubs from getting damaged and help them complete within the score of 72. The Saragarhi Cup was the first tournament held here in 09 Sep 1979. Also, the famous Kalimpong Cup was held here in 1988.

The Yak Golf Course stays snow clad from January to April, during which it becomes a ski center and a water body within the course freezes to become a full ice-hockey field. However, it stays open for seven days a week from May to December every year for the golfers to test their skills in high altitudes.


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