Reshi khola

Reshikhola is a riverside destination just 37 km from Kalimpong and very near to Pedong. The little village of Reshikhola received its name from the Reshi River running along this small place. In Nepali language ‘Khola’ means ‘small stream’. The place falls in between West Bengal and Sikkim creating a division between the two states. Like all other rivulets crisscrossing the sub-Himalayan range, the Reshi river coast is strewn with rocks and boulders with stream waters gushing around them. The river valley is surrounded by forests which are home to numerous birds and occasional bigger visitors like bears. Some basic homestays with nice modern facilities have come up along the Reshi riverside. These homestays overlook the river and promote eco-tourism where tourists can enjoy fresh caught fish and short treks around the forests. Reshi River is also believed to be a part of a popular travel route where, caravans used to stop for water. However, any existence of the Old Silk Route here is not proven.


What to see in Reshikhola:

Take a dip in the Reshi River and drown yourself in the sound of gushing water. At Reshikhola, you can do some basic angling too. If you are a birdwatcher, then you can take a walk in the surrounding forests too. The nearest tourist destinations of Reshikhola are Pedong, Sillery Gaon, Kaagey Village, Mankhim, Aritar, Lingzey and Kalimpong. As Reshikhola is a much warmer place just 2000 feet above sea level, it is favoured by some tourists as the final retreat in the Silk Route.


Accommodation in Reshi Khola:

There are a number of home stays in the West Bengal side of Reshikhola. However, the Sikkim side is less congested and at present, ours is the only homestay on this bank of the Reshi River. There are eight spacious rooms with attached western bathrooms and large beds to accommodate the guests. Both the cottages are Double storeyed and completely made of wood.  These cannot be compared with luxurious hotels but of course, they have all the basic amenities required by the visitors. Dinning facilities are available within these homestays so, you do not have to move out in search of food.


Best time to visit Reshi Khola:

In rainy season, the roads to Reshikhola are not in a very good condition and most of the time guests need to walk for the last one kilometre to reach the ho bank of the river. Summers are soothing and winters are cold but enjoyable.