Premlakha Trek


Premlakha is the last village of Sikkim towards Bhutan tucked within the densest regions of Panglakha Forest (128 sq. km). This Forest range spans from India to Bhutan and is the natural abode of the illusive Red Panda and hundreds of different local and migratory birds. The 4-kilometer trek through Panglakha Forest starts from Padamchen and crosses Gatte Khola (river) through some of the most untouched parts of the forest.


Orientation of Premlakha Trek

Easy but Guided trek with average altitude of 8500 feet.


Attractions of Premlakha Trek

The trek starts from Padamchen at 8500 feet and crosses a rope bridge over Gattey Khola to enter the dense part of the forest frequented by birds and Red Pandas. You would also cross some permanent bridges over nameless rivulets and some streams which only have some makeshift logs for the trekkers to crossover. This trek would also take you to the ruins of a hundred-year-old traditional stone house and a holy Chorten. The 4-km trail from Padamchen to Premlakha Village has occasional resting shades for the trekkers and viewpoints with panoramic views of the forest and endless rolling hills. The major attractions of this trek is the untouched forest and its birds. The Premlakha Village trek is very rewarding for birdwatchers.

The trek can be covered in a single day from Padamchen but the best option would be stay at Premlakha Village overnight. The early morning short trek further from Premlakha Village to a nearby Pukhri (lake) would reveal the true colours of the jungle and introduce you to some of the rarest birds of this region.


Accommodation at Premlakha Village

We have a “trekker’s hut” in Premlakha Village fit for accommodating eight guests at a time. There are four double beds in the hut with an attached western bathroom. Homely food is served by the caretaker and guide in this trekkers hut. Electricity has recently reached Premlakha Village.