Menmecho Lake

Menmecho Lake, Sikkim

Menmecho Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes of Sikkim at an altitude of 12,500 feet. Surrounded by untouched pine forests and deep slopes, Menmecho Lake is said to change colours every minute. The lake is fed by the waters of the surrounding mountains of Jelep La Pass and stays frozen from January to August. A narrow 4 kilometers winding road beside Baba Mandir would take you to Menmecho Lake.

Cars would not be able to reach Menmecho Lake but you can trek these 4 kms to reach the lake. There is a viewpoint on the banks of the lake for the trekkers to rest and watch the beauty of the lake unfold before them. Apart from its mystic beauty, Menmecho Lake is also famous for its trout population. The lake is one of the best trout cultivation centres of Sikkim and the Fisheries Department even maintains a cottage here.

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