Kupup Lake

Kupup Lake

There is something about high altitude lakes – you climb up the mountains, struggle through the hairpin bends and at the end you will greeted by a gleam of water body, a brilliant spectacle indeed. The Silk Route tour has several such high altitude beautiful lakes and one of the most beautiful is surely the Kupup Lake. Locally called Bitan Cho, it is one of the most sacred lakes of Sikkim, with high mountains and valleys bordering it. Owing to its resemblance to elephant, Kupup Lake is also known as Elephant Lake.


What to see in Kupup Lake:

The amazing view of the lake will make you feel that nothing could be more peaceful and serene on earth. You just could not stop admiring this wonderful lake. The lake nestles at an altitude of 13,660 ft, on the way to Jelepla Pass, bordering area with China and India. The magnificent Chomolhari Mountain stands at the backdrop of the lake, offering a visual splendour. It is the second highest mountain in Bhutan. The shape of the lake resembles an elephant. The right side of the lake looks like an elephant trunk and on the left, it looks like tail. The lake is also accompanied by a stunning valley. A small village called Kupup, which has only 15 houses and a police check post is located at the lake coast. If the mood of the day is good, crystal clear view of Mt. Kanchenjunga can be seen from Kupup. Kupup is the highest village in the region, which was a recognized transit point during the silk trade between India and Tibet. Kupup has also earned recognition in the world map, due to the Yak Golf Course, highest of its kind across the globe. This 18-hole golf course, affiliated to Indian Golf Union since 1985 nestles at an altitude of 13,025 ft from the sea level and has been included in Guinness Book of World Records. The beautiful Tukla Valley with magnificent views of Mt. Kanchenjungha, the Old Baba Mandir and the distant view of Menmecho Lake are some of the interesting spots around Kupup Lake.


Accommodation in Kupup Lake:

There is no accommodation option at Kupup Lake at present. However, one homestay is coming up soon.


Best time to visit Kupup Lake:

Kupup Lake is complete frozen from January to mid May. From October to December, the lake is partly covered in sheet ice. From April to July, you can witness a good bloom of flowers around the lake. Most of the year, Kupup Lake experiences a sparkling weather.