About us

We are travellers, and we cherish travelling to untouched destinations just like you. We have explored every corner of the Silk Route of Sikkim and our local contacts in the remotest areas help our guests to take some of the activities which others cannot arrange. We can take our guests for a Yak ride along the Nathang Valley, arrange for a horse ride along the mountain creeks or trek to the Eagle’s Nest Bunker for a 360 degree view of the Himalayas.  We can arrange treks to Genmochen and some other remote corners. We have Sikkim Tourism registered guides to assist our guests in sightseeing trips and treks around the Silk Route Circuit.

Travel Monk’s associates are Authorised Agents of Sikkim Tourism and our office is in Kolkata. Our friends and operators are located in Sikkim and they can help you out in all matters. Every year, we take thousands of travellers to the remotest corners of Sikkim and the Silk Route Circuit is one of our favourites. Our dedicated travel desk arranges permits for the guests to this route and we have the most modern homestays with facilities like 24-hour power supply for the guests at 12,000 feet.

The Silk Route through Sikkim is a true wonder and we have been to some of the most uncharted parts of this route to discover the true gems of this wonderful land. We have trekked to abandoned army bunkers to trace the Silk Route, we have seen the mighty Brahmaputra River lacing like golden ribbon across the horizon and we have experienced sunshine touching us moments before touching Mt. Kanchenjungha. We also chased wild ducks in Nathang valley, herded some yaks and ate the Chupri (Yak cheese) to keep ourselves warm. If you still have some last drops of adventure left in your blood and if you still nourish your childhood dream of discovering an unknown land, then we’d meet you in Sikkim’s ancient South West Silk route to discover yourself.

See you soon!